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Wildlife Photography Courses

Students of WPCSA will receive a portal login account to manage their tasks, projects and assignments. The main communication methods between students and WPCSA will be via email. More Information

Wildlife Photography Safaris

WPC offers you the ultimate in Photography safaris. Our destinations are carefully selected to emphasise one on one tuition, in order to and create fantastic photographic opportunities. Traveling with us affords you the opportunity to experience not only the journey, but also the process of creating the image. More information

Photography Workshops

WPC offers you the ultimate in Photography workshops. More information

The WPC Main Course outline

The WPC Main Course outline

Aim of the course

  1. A general introduction to photography and how some of the equipment works
  2. A basic understanding on how to create good wildlife images.
  3. Exploring opportunities in the wildlife Photographic arena.
  4. Creating your own style.

 Requirements: A DSLR and a computer

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