Mark Drysdale and Jay van Rensburg have collaborated their efforts to present you, the Wildlife Photographic College. The primary photography course and the specialty courses within, have been created in a masterful and unique way, to help educate you on how to capture that something really special. Whether you just want an image for yourself or you’re looking for a life-changing career in photography, this course will help you on that path. With the many years of experience and knowledge, of wildlife photography that Jay and Mark have accumulated, they help you shortcut all the faults that you as a photographer might experience in the field. Often in the field there is no second chance with the explosive energy that the bush throws at you, we will prepare you for that opportunity and more.

We will provide you with the experience and knowledge that some Photographers in the field, are paying vast amounts of money to get, in not only an innovative and convenient manner, but also from the comfort of your home.

Excellence is what we stand for and strive to provide top class content to you, ensuring that you have all the relevant tools needed to become a successful wildlife photographer. We will also guide you on how to get into the industry as a competent photographer.

We offer travel opportunities with our specialized courses allowing you to get that once in a lifetime image. Whether it’s a Leopard or the elusive Bearded Vulture you wish to capture, you are now at the right place.

contact us now for all your inquiries, we have a package to suit you today.

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